Police Jury agree to expand coverage area for Jena VFD

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The LaSalle Parish Police Jury approved a motion during its regular October meeting held Monday night of last week to authorize Waterworks Districts No. 1 to request the Jena Fire Department to cover some areas serviced by the district, which have not been covered before. Waterworks District No. 1 provides water and sewer services to a large area including Trout, Good Pine, Midway, Airport Subdivision and adjoining property. However, it has been brought to the attention of the district that a few areas served by the district have not been included in the legal description of the district. The action by the Jury will allow the district to designate those areas and submit the description of the areas to the Jena Fire Department for coverage. Customers in Waterworks District No. 1 pays a monthly fee for fire protection, which is provided by the Jena Fire Department.
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