Daughter of local man is hero after saving life

Rebecca Boyett, daughter of Buddy Boyett of Jena, is being called a hero after her quick actions saved the life of a toddler in the Metairie area recently. According to Boyett, Rebecca, 17, was walking her little sister, Emma, 9, home when she came upon a scene of screaming and people crying. A young toddler had fallen head first into a deep bucket of water that the toddlers’ mom was using to wash the family car. The baby was not breathing and the toddlers’ eyes were rolled back into his head. Rebecca, a senior in high school, sprang into action, performing CPR on baby Graham for critical minutes before the EMTs arrived. She was certified in health class, saw a problem, and stopped to help, saving Graham’s life. Sarah Boyett, Rebecca’s older sister, 21, who is a student at Southeastern University in Hammond, said, “I couldn’t be more proud and honored to call this courageous young woman my sister. I am humbled by Rebecca’s kind and loving actions toward baby Graham and his family. You were put there at that exact moment for a very special reason. God works in mysterious ways.”
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