Rep. Brown presented award…

milk. I found our largest pan and warmed the milk. I found a super-size mixing bowl reserved for family reunions and started mixing. When I began adding flour, the bowl was about to overflow, so I had to separate it into other bowls. I finally had it all mixed, and I started rolling out the dough. By noon I had cooked quite a few batches, but I still had pans full of dough. By evening I had cooked most of the rolls.

About dinner time Donna called to see if I needed anything before she left town.

“Yes,” I replied. “We need milk.”

“I thought we had plenty,” she replied.

“I had to use some to make rolls,” I said.

She seemed doubtful, but said she would stop at the store and get some. When she finally got home and walked into the house, she gasped. Just about every inch of counter space was covered with piles of rolls.

She looked around and asked, “What happened?”

I explained about the salt, and she laughed. “You were afraid to waste a cup and a half of milk and a little salt?”

She wanted to know how many rolls I had made, so we started counting. We gave up after we had counted sixty dozen. After we had packed almost fifty dozen into our chest freezer, Donna sighed.

“Next time,” she said, “just forget about the cup and a half of milk and start over.”

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