Derek Hunter:

Liberals find new levels of low

Every time I think the political left has hit bottom they break out a shovel. This week it was a jackhammer and a backhoe, and deeper they went.

It started with almost 350 newspapers banding together against President Trump to declare themselves to free and independent of groupthink and bias. Each of them declared themselves, in one form or another, to be champions of truth. If you missed it in your paper it was likely just under 1,000-word write-up of whatever the latest wild Omarosa claim was that day.

Lost in these self-serving exercises was the fact that President Trump doesn’t say that journalists are the “enemy of the people,” he says that “fake news” is. It says something about the subconscious of many in the media that they hear “fake news is the enemy of the people” and think they are talking about you. I’d imagine it’s like how a philandering person feels when someone casually mentions an affair in front of their spouse – it’s not really about them, but they know what they’ve done.


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