Why we can’t have nice things

Derek Hunter:

Liberals are now suffering under the heel of the monster they created to attack the rest of us just trying to mind our own business, and it’s a beautiful thing. But it’s also really sad and a sign that things will get much worse for all of us before they get any better.

Most people don’t care about the Oscars. As the ratings have shown, fewer and fewer people each year watch them. This is due, in part, to the fact that the Oscars hold so many of us in contempt – political lectures and condescension are more common in acceptance speeches than thanking a manager.

They also nominate movies based on their left-wing messaging more than their audience appeal. No one wants to sit through a 4-hour lecture celebrating movies about how oppressive, racist, unfair, unjust, nasty, etc., the country is only to be subjected to a 30 second speech reinforcing the same from someone paid more for 3 weeks’ worth of playing make-believe than the average American earns in a year.


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