Marriage: It takes a willage

Kira Davis:

This week my husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage.

This may sound curmudgeonly but when the subject of our anniversary first came up, I poo-pooed the idea of a big celebration. After all, what’s the difference between 20 years and 21 years? Or 19 years? We’ve been at this a long time now, with no plans to quit. It’s just a number.

But after I thought about it some more I realized that some things deserve to be celebrated, if only briefly. These days, 20 years of marriage is quite a feat. Even more so for African-Americans. The marriage rate among black couples is shockingly low - a mere 29% compared to the national average of 49% (according to the U.S. Census Bureau). Approximately two-thirds of African-American children are born into single-parent homes. It might not be a fashionable thing to say out loud these days but statistically speaking, a married mother and father is one of the top indicators that a child will grow up to be successful (insofar as anyone can really define that) and educated.



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