This is a good time to prune trees

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By Dan Gill

Get It Growing

Virtually all trees in our landscapes will need to be pruned during their lives — particularly in the first two decades after planting. Sometimes a tree may need to be pruned in some way to help it, such as dealing with storm damage, reducing limb weight, removing dead limbs and stopping the spread of disease.

Trees are also pruned to adapt them to our urban environment, including keeping limbs from coming in contact with power lines, rubbing against the home, hanging too low or obstructing views. Pruning may also be done to make trees more attractive and useful in the home landscape.

When pruning, you must have a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish. Ask yourself why you feel the tree needs to be pruned, and then carefully consider which branches need to be cut to achieve your goal.

When evaluating your trees for pruning, try to anticipate potential problems. Look at where branches are and how they are growing. Then, imagine the years going by and how that branch will grow. Will it eventually cause problems?


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