Lead, follow, or get out of the way

Gil Gutknecht:

Senator Chuck Grassley may be the singularly most important reason why the GOP gained seats in the U.S. Senate last November. Democrats and their base were unhinged during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Sen. Grassley was calm and measured. The Left was disrespectful and angry. He was kind to all of the witnesses and offered them every courtesy. After it became clear that a couple of them had misled the committee, he did his duty by referring their testimony over to the DOJ for possible prosecution.  

Americans were paying attention. They saw through the media maelstrom. Without raising his voice, the senior Senator from Iowa transcended the opponents of now Justice Kavanaugh and pushed him across the finish line. Three Democrat incumbent Senators went down to defeat after turning their backs to common sense and hitching themselves to the anchor of the unhinged Left.  

Having been an observer of Chuck Grassley for his entire political career, permit a couple of observations. First, he has what we call out here in fly over country, horse sense. He is at his core a decent man. He also has amazing political instincts. He has an innate sense of what average Americans are concerned about.  


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