Washington follies: The Mueller Report

Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)

Only in the Washington D.C. bubble can high drama and theater be created by a topic the media elites and establishment politicians have wet their pants over in excited delirium that the general population has become bored with for some time now.

The release of the Mueller report is being portrayed in a stopthe-presses fashion. It’s all hype. Someone help me here, but I do not see what all the hoopla is about. I see it as an unwise investment of my time to sit around waiting for its release. Anybody who could smell the stink of a partisan political witch-hunt that this so-called investigation was from the beginning can pretty much guess what this report will contain. Suppositions, innuendos, and accusations supported by no evidence will likely dominate the report. He will leave it open-ended so Democrats can continue their baseless claim that impeachment is still a possibility.  

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