Liberals have learned nothing

Derek Hunter:

Normal people, when proven to be wrong, will admit their mistake and apologize. But we aren’t dealing with normal people. That’s why, when the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller was released this week, not one Democrat – elected, pundit, or with a press credential – did anything close to what could be considered a mea culpa for the mistakes (if I’m being generous) or lies (if I’m being honest) they made repeatedly since the election of Donald Trump. In fact, they went in the opposite direction, proving they have learned nothing over the last 2 years.

To be sure, there were unfavorable things about the President in the Mueller Report. That wide-ranging of an investigation with zero assertions of privilege will turn up anyone’s worst moments. Most of those moments were fueled by understandable anger at the naked attempt to hinder his presidency, which it certainly did. What innocent person wouldn’t want to put a quick end to an unjust anchor around their neck?

The purveyors of those lies did no soul searching when exposed. In fact, they celebrated themselves; “journalists” celebrating others in their profession for the accuracy was like watching Ted Kennedy cheer other drunks for making it farther over that bridge before plunging into the water.


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