America founded with belief in God

Jim Huntzinger

The Shining City upon the Hill is very well a manifestation of St. Augustine’s City of God.  The origination of the Shining City was to be the City of God; this was the vision John Winthrop portrayed in his sermon on the Arbella.  It is also the vision portrayed by our Forefathers as the Colonial pastors articulated from their pulpits that a righteous civil government was one modeled after the Ancient Hebrews in the Sinai Desert.

This vision of the City of God was finally manifested by our Founding Fathers into the Compact [Declaration of Independence and Constitution] which formed the United Sates of American; the Shining City upon the Hill, which set its moral foundation upon the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.

Over twelve hundred years previously, St. Augustine articulated the same expectation as John Winthrop did in 1630: man must uphold to live in a virtuous, righteous, and just society.  Contrasting the City of God (the Shining City) with the city of man, which had been nearly the entire history of man, St Augustine wrote that in the city of man “The earthly by the love of self, even to the contempt of God.”


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