Now, send in the clowns

Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.):

What we are witnessing in the bubble of Washington, D.C. – that place where reality has been permanently suspended—has gone from raw politics to a total embarrassment. The 116th Congress is officially a clown show.  

It is one thing for these court jesters who call themselves politicians to subject the American people to this high school cafeteria food fight but a totally different thing to do this with China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea watching.

First and most importantly, the previously mentioned countries are no doubt exploiting this Congressional sophomoric behavior. Second, it weakens President Trump’s position in dealing with not-sofriendly nations as they have to believe that Trump is preoccupied trying to save his presidency and is in no position to get tough with them in foreign relations. They’re probably figuring they can wait him out for the next two years.


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