Month of May brings pretty birds

By Glynn Harris

My buddy and fellow outdoor writer/ photographer, John Flores, lives down in the Morgan City area of south Louisiana. Some of the photos he’s been passing along recently via Face Book have had me mesmerized. John has been making daily visits to a wildlife preserve near his home and capturing stunning images of song birds; those that have spent the winter in Central America, made the non-stop flight across the Gulf and stopped over for rest and food before taking off again for the northern U.S. where they rear their young and spend the summer.

Living nearly 300 miles further north, we don’t get the profusion of neo-tropical birds here like folks along the coast get to experience. Nevertheless, we get stragglers in our woods and around our feeders that will be with us only a few weeks before they pack up and head north. Some species, however, nest and spend summers in our woods and yards.


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