So true: “It’s the media, stupid!”

Paul Curry:

Are we ever not in divided times? That’s the nature of democracy. Disagreement is the nature of any two-party or multi-party system. Yet, if one were to listen to the media, any media, one would naturally come to believe that we are living in the most apocalyptic, divided era since the American Civil War.

Yet reality simply does not back that up. Clear, statistical evidence and political trends indicate that, for at least the last thirty years, the U.S. has been quite stable. But that is not the narrative we are force fed. Ever since Donald Trump’s famous escalator ride, right through his election to the Presidency, and onto today, we are told that we are living in tremendously divided times.

And the culprit, the cause of all of this division? Of course, Donald Trump. But we are not that divided, and the degree to which we are is not President Trump’s fault. It’s the media, stupid.



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