COVID-19 response

COVID-19 response
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According to most major news outlets, COVID-19 is best described as a virus, like the flu, including symptoms of cough, fever, fatigue, and occasionally, shortness of breath. For a while, the public was left without a cure; how ever, considering recent discoveries, we now know that a certain drug, hydroxychloroquine, might be the answer that many Americans need. The drug shows signs of stalling symptoms, in addition to possibly preventing the virus in recipient.

As the virus grows in opposition to much of the population’s daily lives, the nation’s youth find ourselves becoming more and more involved in the matter of self-preservation as well as the protection of those around us. Being a generation raised in the peak of technology and the media, problems like this become harder for us to avoid. The postponement of school sanctioned events, including all athletic events and academic competitions, which were proceeded by the statewide closing of public schools, caused a certain amount of panic to surround our generation.

While seniors are grieving over the loss of their last few weeks of high school and the possible loss of traditional events such as prom and graduation, lower classes are varied in their outlook on the situation. Many students are grateful for the break from their hectic school environments and use their time to relax or be productive in other areas of their lives.


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