Roots, Shoots, Fruits & Flowers: #3

Roots, Shoots, Fruits & Flowers: #3
Rhino Grub, Clover Worm and Grass-Carrying Wasp

In the last column of RSFF, Paige asked about some small grubs in a container garden. There grubs were probably the brood of June bugs. George sent in his comments and his own image of a rhino grub, “Paige may want to measure her grubs for a relative ID.

This Rhino beetle larvae is in my compost. [It] will stretch out at around 2 inches. [It] grinds my compost at a rapid rate and infuses it with beneficial microbes that allow nutrients to make super plants [and it is a beneficial insect larva]. [It] lives on organic matter only, not [feed on] plant roots, so [it] is a large grub, not the smaller one-inch June bug larvae that are harmful.”

If you find a large grub, most likely in your compost, then you likely have a helpful rhino grub, and it becomes the fierce-looking rhinoceros beetle. Despite its threatening size and shape, it is a harmless beetle. The benefit of this grub lies in its ability to speed up decomposition of vegetation.


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