Gavin Wax: A new day in a fearful America

It’s a new day in America, that much is guaranteed. By now you’ve been told repeatedly how we’re living in a time like no other. Schools are empty, roads throughout most of our communities are quieter than normal, and the facemask fashion trends were certainly an unexpected twist to this year’s summer wardrobe. It is certainly a new day, but few would say things are better.

Much like America in the days and months following the attacks of September 11th, our friends, family, and neighbors are beginning to ask how far we need to go in order to win the war against the “Invisible enemy” as President Trump has described it. The cost of this war has already cut deep as nearly one in four American adults have found themselves forced out of work. Trillions of dollars in stimulus have been printed, certainly making the stock market appear healthier than ever while the working class has certainly felt anything but “stimulated.” When the price of a barrel of crude oil begins to match the price of items on the McDonald’s Dollar Menu, things are far, far from normal.

Sadly, the only “normal” behavior we can witness is currently coming from the halls of local courthouses, the chambers of state legislatures and governor’s mansions, as well as the quintessential smoke filled “representatives only” marked rooms in Congress. If Americans who witnessed the rise of the police state post-9/11 know one thing, it’s that power-hungry individuals scarcely ever let a good crisis go to waste.



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