I never had a son

I never had a son

When I married and started a family, as a lover of all things outdoors I secretly hoped I’d become father to a little boy who I could watch follow in my footsteps learning to hunt and fish. It didn’t happen. Cathy came along first followed by Kayla.

As much as I wanted a boy, there is no way on God’s green Earth I could have been happier than watching these two do what little girls all pink and frilly do. Barbie Dolls, Betsy Wetsy, Donny Osmond, piano recitals as I watched them grow up to become beautiful and special young ladies both marrying quality young men.

But I never had a son.

Cathy and Kayla both wanted to please their outdoorsy dad and although they both gave it a good effort, Cathy even fighting a gag reflex as I coaxed her into hanging onto the hind legs of a squirrel I was skinning, it just wasn’t to be. I needed them to have a brother.






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