Terry Paulson: The lives of all God’s children matter

Honest dialogue on race in America requires involving both sides of our divide. For many years, too many have cowered into politically correct comments designed to keep them safe from charges of racism. That is not honest dialogue. Those who demonstrate see the numbers marching and may assume overwhelming support for their issues far beyond the killing of George Floyd. That could be an illusion.

Progressives demand orthodoxy—you must say “black lives matter” or face consequences. Any variation is viciously attacked! People have been fired; others have resigned with forced apologies for saying “all lives matter.”

Of course black lives matter, but the phrase now brings baggage and political implications that many Americans don’t support. Many blacks are not marching in lockstep and renounce the “Black Lives Matter” agenda. There is no one black voice. It takes no guts to spout progressive orthodoxy; you are praised in the media. It takes courage for blacks like Candice Owens, Larry Elder, Ben Carson, and others to face the attacks for standing against the left’s agenda.







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