Derek Hunter: New levels of crazy

A friend who works for a conservative website shared an email with me that was sent to the staff, “We have to be careful” about how they write about Black Lives Matter, it said. Not because what they were reporting was inaccurate, but because it could upset the mob, and upsetting the mob nowadays is worse than being inaccurate. “Truth” can be whatever you want it to be, the mob, on the other hand, can seemingly make reality anything they want it to be by force of will or worse.

It’s not even Black Lives Matter, really, at least not the rank and file protestors taking to the streets in righteous indignation over what happened to George Floyd. It’s the Marxist leadership that coupled with, or refused to de-couple with, ANTIFA and other Black Bloc groups hell-bent on destruction of property and society. There’s a lot of money in this racket and it’s all based on fear.

The “woke” companies funding these radicals are doing so for a few different reasons. The first is they want to appear to be down with the struggle. The target demographic of Nike, for example, isn’t a married 40 year old professional with a couple of kids, they’re the kids who can barely afford their products because, like the people in China making them for pennies per day, they’re just little kids.



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