Margaret B. Kincaid

Margaret Bernice Hinson Kincaid, 93, of Dallas, Texas, and formerly of Jena, passed from this life on July 18, 2020, in Dallas.

She was born August 16, 1926 in Magnolia, Arkansas to Walter Drew Hinson and Katie Mae Sims Furman. She was the second of seven children.

Margaret and husband, Roy, traveled extensively in the United States as well as abroad during their lifetime. Her early married years were spent as a housewife and mother, but later she worked. Her favorite jobs were teaching modeling at John Robert Powers Modeling College and with Braniff Airlines.

During her time with Braniff she became manager of the flight attendant school. She taught the flight attendants how to dress, wear make-up properly, how to walk without being too prissy, and to be charming in their job.

Later she was promoted to manager of Personal Appearances. She was known to strictly enforce dress codes of all levels of the Braniff Corporation.

Margaret was blessed with a natural beauty that aged slowly and gracefully with an inner beauty that more than matched what was on the outside. She loved pretty clothes and bling and was very talented with creating things for herself and her home. That does not mean that her favorite stories did not fare well under her patronage.

She felt it was her duty to be up to date and stylish as a role model for her flight attendant students. Her granddaughters inherited her strong will, leadership ability, and their own version of her creative talents. She was dedicated to her family and friends and church and was a strong believer in Jesus Christ.

Margaret was a very loving person and had many close friendships and a deep love for her family. As years passed and many of these people passed on her granddaughters, especially Angela, were dedicated and loving caretakers in very trying circumstances.

She was preceded in death by her parents; oldest sister, Francis Cordelia McInnis, and Orvis Drew, and Dorcas Verdell, both of whom died in infancy; her husband of 64 years, Roy Vickery Kincaid; and son, Vickery Drew Kincaid.

She is survived by her sister, Orpha Alena Crouch; brother, H.L. “Sonny” Hinson; granddaughters, Angela Lashbrook and Amber Kincaid; great-grandchildren, Jason Lashbrook and Elizabeth Lashbrook; as well as assorted nieces, nephews and their progeny.

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