Column in ‘86 very interesting

Column in ‘86 very interesting

We had a visitor to our morgue last week looking up some things that happened in the 1980’s. She happened upon a column I published in the April 1986 edition, and called my attention to it, noting how interesting that things contained in the column reflects a lot of what is happening today.

There are a few differences. We were midway through President Ronald Reagan’s second term. Our national debt was $2.1-trillion; and as of July 31, 2020, our national debt is above $26.6-trillion – more than a $24.5-trillion increase

But the struggle between idealistic moralizers and practical moralizers was raging at the time the column was written. The content of that column follows:

“Scarcely a day passes when millions of Americans aren’t subjected to an anguished outcry by an idealist berating the government or American people for not doing more for some disadvantaged class or group.







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