Franklin: Legislators need to stand up

Franklin: Legislators need to stand up

It’s time for our legislators to stand up and be counted.

If Governor John Bel Edwards has his way, he’ll keep Louisiana in Phase 2 until after the November 3rd Presidential Election and it appears he is receiving no opposition from our elected officials.

While their constituents are screaming for freedom and removal from the Phase 2 restrictions, our legislators have been largely quiet – at least publicly.

Many have signed the “petition” against the governor’s orders but only a handful have come out and spoken against the governor or legislative leadership.

Oh, I’m well aware of how things work in Baton Rouge. I’ve heard all the excuses. I know all about the repercussions our legislators will face if they come out publicly, but at some point they have to make the decision to stand up and be statesmen, leaders, and the representatives that we’ve elected them to be.







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