It’s true – all media is biased

It’s true – all media is biased

Is the news media biased? That question has never been so popular as it is today. President Donald Trump has helped usher this topic into Americans’ minds as they now view certain news organizations as either biased or not biased, but the truth is all media is biased to some extent.

That’s right, I said, “all media,” which of course, includes this newspaper. The fundamental beliefs of every publisher, editor, and news reporter does in fact make it’s way into news stories, topics, and coverage of events, even when they don’t realize it’s happening. Sometimes it’s blatant; other times is subtle.

Looking at The Jena Times from cover to cover and it doesn’t take one long to realize we have a bias toward a conservative view. From the editorials that appear to even news stories that are printed or not printed, our decisions are primarily based upon our conservative bent.



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