Laughter is good medicine

Laughter is good medicine

I woke my wife up the other morning laughing. I was in the kitchen reading and she was in the back of the house still in bed when she heard me laughing…and I couldn’t stop.

Let me explain. A few days ago my good friend, Cleveland Poole, dropped by the office and gave me a copy of a short book by Lewis Grizzard “on Fear of Flying”. Cleveland knew Grizzard was one of my favorite columnists and said he had found the book in some old publications he was going through, and thought of me.

I usually get up around 5 a.m., put the coffee on, take the dogs out, come back, pour me a cup of coffee, and sit down at the dining room table to do my morning devotional and Bible reading. When I finished this particular morning I reached for Grizzard’s book and started reading.



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