Cliff Perkins: Remember who we are, then vote

Where is common sense? If ever needed, it is now. Historically, Americans knew their history, knew something of world history, cared to understand the difference. If we forget who we are – if we do not educate youth honestly – we risk losing it all. Here is the unvarnished truth.

Some people think today’s difficulties materialized from thin air. They did not. They represent laziness, a decline in critical thinking. As society has sped up, attention to values, clear thinking, and history has not kept up. It must.

Today, too many people default labels. Labels get one nowhere. Rather than honest dialogue, thinking exchanges, and pursuit of truth – people revert to tossed-off insults, dismissing whole groups of fellow Americans as racist, fascist, xenophobes, supremacists, promoters of “systemic racism,” and countless other demeaning departures from reason, respect and common sense.



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