Truth will surface eventually

Without a doubt, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has the market cornered in taking some negative publicity and turning it into an allout public relations nightmare.

That’s about the most succinct description that comes to mind in light of Landry’s most recent feud with Louisiana’s largest and most widely read newspaper, The Advocate.

Landry managed to turn himself into public enemy No. 1 in the eyes of The Advocate last week when he sued an Advocate reporter, Andrea Gallo, over a public records request. The request Gallo had filed with Landry’s office sought copies of sexual harassment complaints against one of Landry’s assistant attorney generals.

At the heart of this matter rests the details that led to Assistant Attorney General Pat Magee taking a $20,559 cut in pay as part of a disciplinary action over Magee apparently not minding his p’s and q’s at the office. It seems a complaint, or complaints, were filed against Magee over the manner in which he treated, or spoke to, at least one other member of Landry’s staff.








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