Parenting tips from the Danish?

By Morgan Tarpley Smith

This writer is about to embark on the journey of a first time parent early next year, and there are so many ups and downs that come with it that I’ve found myself reading almost any advice articles that come my way. That doesn’t mean I take all of them to heart, but I do read them. However, recently, there was an article that caught my eye because it was interesting and had some advice I think I can get behind. See what you think.

“We all want to raise happier, more confident kids. Taking a cue from Danish parents may be the secret to reaching that goal. Babies cry. Tears are an infant’s way of letting their parent know they’re hungry, tired, or need comfort, and a baby’s ability to communicate those needs is important to their survival. Fussy nights and tear-filled afternoons are a reality of motherhood that most just accept, but that doesn’t mean most moms wouldn’t jump at the chance to cut back on tears if they knew how it’s done.

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