Dismantling the Nannystate, bit by bit

By Peter Roff:

The premise of the Nannystate, the place to which all progressive roads lead, is that the people are not informed enough, smart enough, and do not care enough to take care of themselves. Therefore, we all need the state to act as our safe-guard and intermediary. It’s a weird construct at odds with the vision of America upon which most of us were raised. We are, it used to be taught, descended from pioneers, rugged individualists who built a nation out of the wilderness. This admittedly is a romanticized version of what really happened but closer to the truth than not. The Nannystate, which employs regulators and bureaucrats to care for our needs from cradle to grave, is the bane of everyone who purports to love liberty.

Though there may be some complaints raised about specific laws and regulations, we do not in general object to the way the state protects us from others. What is truly bothersome to many is the way in which it seeks to protect us from ourselves. Al


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