A supreme liberal meltdown

By John Dempsey:

The last week has been a humdrum of perpetual immigration cries from the left. In a stunning decision of morality, they decided since President Obama was no longer in office that they didn’t like children separated from their parents after entering the United States illegally. Democrats and the mainstream media have tried to move immigration back to the front of the discussion. However, it was President Trump that did this first. Now, the left is addressing immigration like Trump, but in a different way. In June 2015, Trump brought forth the problem of our porous borders to the national discussion. He pointed out the issues of crime, and lack of jobs for American citizens held by illegals. He brought lack of immigration law enforcement to light. Before Trump, the left and establishment right didn’t care. Democrats got their watering down of the electorate, and longtime Republicans got their cheap labor for their Chamber of Commerce donors. Trump was bound to shake things up if elected. Both parties hoped that Trump would settle into the Beltway, and go with the flow like all of the presidents before him (except The Gipper, of course).

However, that wasn’t the case. Trump ordered Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, to enforce the law, and do their jobs. The left and RINOs don’t want the laws enforced. Leftists have attacked Trump in just about every way possible. It started with tax returns but failed. There have been attacks in his personal life from alleged events over a decade old, and still nothing. The Russia hoax has been the fall back narrative when new assaults miserably, and embarrassingly fail.


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